Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun Ways to leave a message and stay organized!

Today is the first day of Spring!

Are you ready? Organized??

When we have busy lives, children, or in my case now, grandchildren, it is really easy to become disorganized!

These projects are a fun and easy way to get and STAY organized, leave messages for your sweeties, and be creative!!

Step one, choose the size and shape of your message board. Here, I chose a flip flop (too cute!), and then used a contrasting color in ribbon for the "straps" and then added the flower. Of course it HAD to be glitter paper!

Laminate the message board, and attach any 3-D elements you may want to add.
With my flip flops, I just added two strips of empty laminator sheet, and adhered ribbon to the top for straps. Attach the flower and add a big rhinestone for extra bling.

The secret is, that when you laminate something, it becomes dry erase! The possibilities are just endless. Check out the project to the left for a twist on this same type of project.
This time we included a little box for holding the dry erase pens. Clever!

 Here we used a die cutting machine to cut out "Messages" and adhered to the message broad prior to laminating.
We included a mat for this cut little cork board add on too. No more losing that Target receipt!

Hopefully this quick little post has given you some ideas on how to get ready for Spring!

Hoppy Spring, and Happy Crafting!

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