Monday, August 6, 2012

I need to get groceries, I have to take my child to the ortho, I want to go to the gym, I would LOVE to turn on pandora really loud and make something beautiful...

How can you get everything done? How is it possible and still be sane? Balance.

Some days are in balance, somedays they scales are tipped so far off you just wann stay in bed and wake up tomorrow. We all have been there at some point. Hopefully today's post will help you get the scales tipped a ittle more in your favor.

I find that being a single gal, I have a more time than money for all of the things I need and love to do, so for me balance is finding the least expensive way to get where I wanna be. I share a condo with a great room mate, but my "studio" is in my bedroom. Often it is difficult to keep things neat while in the midst of a project. If I have more than one crafty endeavor going at once then forget it, my studio is a disaster and that reflects into my living space as well. Here is the photo of my work space. I have other items stored creatively within the room, but today we are focusing on the actual workspace itself.

As you can see, there are photo boxes (Yes lots of goodies inside them!) and pencil cups, and trays to help me to be organized, but it just wasn't quite enough to get it right. I wanted a Scrapbox, but who has nearly two grand to spend on one of those panaceas of organization? So I searched high and low for some sort of generic version, to no avail. Then I tried to find a shelf, or hutch to put on my desk top against the wall to clear my work space. This search was not yielding any results either until yesterday when I wandered into Target and boom, there it was. My needs were met, and only $26 for both! I found (2) different length Closet Maid shelves for shoes by the door, and connected them.

All I needed to do was clear my desk and get them built. It was more difficult clearing the desk than building the shelves, and the shelves only required a screw driver and hammer. All other hardware came in the box.

Once they were built, I just started putting everything away. I was organized from start to finish in less time than it took for me to watch the movie that was playing while I was "working".

My painting got hung, and now everything has a place with plenty of room for work. One big drawer is empty, so whatever I am working on, I can just essentially lay in the drawer and bring back out when I am ready to resume the project.

The Feng Shui of the room felt so much more at peace, and when I breathed in it was relaxing again. Balanced.

Next post will show the rest of the room and how I have managed to integrate my art supplies and their proper storage along side with my jeans and socks.

Maybe you have a whole room that is dedicated to your craft goodies, or just one small part of a closet. Whatever your situation is, just take a moment, and try to find the balance so that you can enjoy those precious moment of creative release!


Finding Balance

Dont we all want to be happy, and content? I think so. But achieving that is sometimes tantamount to climbing Mt Everest.
We have work, spouses, children, volunteering, housework... This list of what we have to do, and what we need to do sometimes far outweighs what we want and love to do.
Balance is the key to contentment, fulfillment, and joy. This week, I will be sharing some tips to achieving that balance. More balance equals more crafty time right?
Well coming this week, look for a craft studio make over, a tip or two to make life easier in the kitchen, and even a little snippet for your soul.
Happy Monday, and lets make it a crafty one!
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